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As of the printing of this newsletter, we will be deep into the preparations for the upcoming contract talks.  Our constitution was redefined last fall and is now in print.  We recently conducted our special convention on collective bargaining where your elected delegates and your bargaining team were educated on the direction the international union is taking as we head into talks for 2019.  The resolutions submitted by Locals have been cataloged with the proper sub councils and the sub groups have met to discuss all actions being considered.  Our local contract resolution meetings have taken place and we are aware of all local concerns going into local negotiations.  The membership is expected to grow by about 64 members in March and maybe another 125+ in April.  Our leadership is gearing up for the fight.  There are a number of battles on the horizon for the UAW and we are preparing each other for the long road ahead. Your bargaining committee is dug in and working harder than ever.   I encourage every brother and sister in this membership to stay tuned to what’s happening in the UAW, in the news and in politics across the country between now and contract time. There is a going to be a lot of good information as well as a lot of hype being thrown around. This is usual confusion that is put out during negotiations to scare and intimidate workers into accepting less than desirable contracts. Rest assured, our elected negotiators are of high caliber, completely informed and working diligently to deliver the best contract possible for everyone. The best thing we can do is stick together and communicate effectively.  Do not be drawn into rumors or falsehoods. If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask. Let’s stick together and try to benefit every single member of this great organization. Local 182 is growing and thriving and it’s because we respect and treat each other like we are all One Family.
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